What type of security are you using?

We encrypt your data using 256-bit AES encryption, also known as AES-256, one of the strongest block ciphers available. This is the same encryption level used by the military and government agencies.

How do you guarantee my message will be delivered in the future?

Cloud Storage is designed for 99.999999999% (11 9's) annual durability, which is appropriate for even primary storage and business-critical applications. This high durability level is achieved through erasure coding that stores data pieces redundantly across multiple devices located in multiple availability zones. Objects written to Cloud Storage must be redundantly stored in at least two different availability zones before the write is acknowledged as successful. Checksums are stored and regularly revalidated to proactively verify that the data integrity of all data at rest as well as to detect corruption of data in transit. If required, corrections are automatically made using redundant data.

How can I increase my account balance?

Packages can be purchased using your credit card. Visit the Prepaid Plans Page to select the package of your choice (note that the $100 package is selected by default, as it is our most popular package, but you can select any of the packages you want by clicking.) After you check out, your account balance will be updated.

How dependable is the backup?

Our Dedicated Servers come standard with Award Winning Data Protection Solutions by Acronis. Providing Off-Server Backup Storage, Fully Encrypted Backups, Ransomware and Malware Protection and at Least 2X Faster Recovery with Near-Zero Impact on Server Resources.

What's a bonus?

When you purchase any of our higher-denomination packages, including the $100, $200, or $500 package, you'll get extra value added as a thank you for buying the package. For example, when you purchase a $100 package, you'll get a $10 extra bonus free- you spend $100 and receive $110 in your account balance!

Are my messages encrypted?

YES! your messages will be encrypted when they are being stored and read back, so we will never be able to see your messages.

How much storage do you have available to store messages?

We have virtually unlimited storage, as the need keeps growing we will keep buying more storage to support the demand.

Can someone prepay, how many years can they prepay into the future?

All the messages are prepaid, you can prepay messages up to 50 years into the future.

What type of messages do you offer?

You can send a text or video messages.

What happens to my message if I cancel my account?

If you already scheduled a message it will be delivered, there is no risk of losing anything even if you cancel your account. If you'd like to cancel a specific message, then you will have to cancel the delivery first, then cancel your account.

What happens if my contact changes their phone number or email?

Once a message is scheduled, the recipient(s), will receive a unique identifier code, that can be used to redeem the message in case they change numbers or email.

Can I add pictures to my messages?

We do not have the feature to add photos currently.

How long can a video message be?

Video messages can be as long as you want them to be, depending on the size of the video, the price will vary.

Can I upgrade my account?

YES! You can upgrade at any time.

Are there on going fees?

Scheduled messages have a one-time fee only. If you'd like to use our daily journal, then you will have to pay monthly for it.

How much to send one message?

A text message costs $1.00/year and a video message costs $7.00/year to store a video up to 100Meg in size. Large videos will cost a little more. So if you wish to schedule a text message to send 5 years from now, it would cost $5.00.

Are there any restrictions to the type of message I can send?

There is no restriction on the type of messages you can send.

Can I edit my messages?

Yes, your can edit your text message anytime before the message sends. If it is a video message, you can upload a new video to change it. However, changing your video to a larger video file size could result in additional charges when you make the change.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program where you can earn as much as 30% per referral, without needing to pay anything extra. Just share 4Ever Message and get paid every 30 days.

Does my account balance expire?

Your account balance does not expire and will remain on your account until used.

How do I know what my account balance is?

When you are logged in, your balance will appear in the upper right-hand menu. under Account/Account Balance.

I just updated my account balance – now what?

Hooray! Now you can start sending messages! Your account balance can be used to schedule messages on 4EVER Message. Our site will default to using your account balance before charging to your credit card.

Can I send my message to multiple people at once?

Yes, depending on the pre-paid package you choose, you will have the option to send one or multiple messages to different recipients at the same time.

How long can my video be?

A video can be up to 400 meg in size.

Do I have a character limit for my written message?

Your written messages can be as long as you need. There are no limits.

Is there a maximum effective date for messages?

You can schedule a message as far into the future as you wish. Each year adds to how much the message will cost.

Are the videos edited or sent as they were recorded?

The videos may be converted into another format to make them more compatible and easier to deliver, but the content is never edited. The content is sent as it was recorded.

How many messages can I record?

There is no limits to the number of messages you wish to record and schedule.

How do I top up my Account Balance?

When you are logged into your account, go to Prepay Plans under Account in the main menu. You can purchase one of our pre-pay packages to re-charge your account balance.
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